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cars circling around annapolis checking for damage and looking for flooded streets. one of the things you noticed right off the bat was the bay bring -- bridge were closed and they were very serious keeping people off the bridge. the police officers were guarding the exit and entrance ramps to make sure people stayed out of harm's way. the big problem has been this heavy rain and heavy wind. you can really see it flying off the streetlights and things like that throughout the day. that was causing visibility problems for some people. we didn't see as much flooding as we anticipated because as you said, all the water appeared to be flowing back out into the bay. we did go over to prince george street which runs right in front of the naval academy and that street was completely flooded, but for the most part even the parking lot at the city dock which traditionally floods, the was no flooding there. so that's a good thing. we did see a couple maryland national guard humvees patrolling the area. the mayor has asked for a little help. there's 450 national guard troops throughout maryland
kennedy is in annapolis monitoring the progress. the wind has picked up significantly, as has the rain. we are live on main street in downtown annapolis. the roads are virtually empty, a lot of the businesses have pushed up sandbags. -- put up sandbags. there is still power in downtown annapolis. t the city dock a little while ago, the water is rising. they're concerned about flooding there. a lot of people are keeping a on that. high tide was just a few minutes ago. keep an eye on things as as flooding goes in annapolis. starting to have the gusts up at sandy has moved ashore. will turn to the south and start pushing the water back into the bay. we're a long way from being finished with sandy. the storm exhilarated and d it looks like it made landfall in the last 15 or 20 minutes. push heavy bands of rain over our area. very close to our region right now. the areas of yellow and orange are the heaviest rain dance. -- rain bands. it is all moving towards the metro area. circulation will tonight andimore intodown as it moves pennsylvania. this one was from annapolis at about 4:00 this after
for the storm. barry is in annapolis. how are things looking? >> the win has started to pick up here. with over 500 miles of shoreline, there is lots of concern in anne arundel county. that concern is about storm surge and flooding in low-lying areas. annapolis business is making final preparations. the owner of this store is sharing the sandbags she has with neighbors. >> if one floods, we all will. it is better for all of us to be safe. >> the city of annapolis gave out 40 tons of sand but limited businesses to 10 bags and residents 5. >> i heard the city was out of bags. we have saved some from last year and pull them out today. >> she also purchased another 30 bags. annapolis and anne arundel county opened their emergency management centers on noon sunday. >> the most important thing today is to be prepared. we have 85,000 people on well water. they should allow the bathtub with water so they are prepared. >> the main concern is low-lying areas that could get a storm surge of up to 3 feet. >> we have not ordered mandatory evacuation. looking at the latest track, it is probably going to hit
tide, people are feeling that annapolis has been spare. some people are actually enjoying the floodwater. compromise street in downtown annapolis is compromised by flooding. water is flowing in around the city dock area. some area residents could not resist coming out and taking a look, and even taking some pictures. >> i decided to come out and see what damage has been done. >> the mayor says the city escaped relatively unscathed. >> in annapolis, we are used to flooding in things like that. it is just part of doing business around here. we will get through it. >> business owners are doing what they can to keep the damage to a minimum. >> we responded to 406 calls overnight. 186 of those were storm related. the most serious was a tree that fell on a house in pasadena, killing an individual. >> lead -- floodwaters, down trees and power lines blocked roads and a main its crew is working to keep 14 feet of water in this wetlands area from harming the street and nearby homes. >> we will be pumping water, relieving the pressure of of this hillside. there are tubes under their
to approach us. to check what is happening right now in annapolis wove kim dacey. how -- we have kim dacey. >> i will have the latest on the conditions her as wind an rain continue coming up. >> when will the worst of the weather arrive? tony is tracking the storm as "11 news today" continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> our big story is the storm. pretty much the only story this morning quite frankly. the path of hurricane sandy. >> we have live team coverage from the eastern shore to the bay to the downtown areas. first let's check with tony pann who is tracking the storm. >> i have good and bad news. look at h.d. doppler. you will notice on the left-hand side of the screen the center of the storm is passing by ocean city. on the right-hand side that big white dot, that is the center of the storm. over on the left you see the mouth of the chesapeake championships how it is parallel will that. it will bypass the mouth of the bay. we expect it to make landfall in new jersey later today. but tfear of coming up the chesapeake bay is probably not goi
of rain. annapolis certainly you'll have hurricane force winds, 50 to 75 and essentially you're under the gun now right on through 2:00 tomorrow. 5 to 10 inches of rain. we will be back in just a little bit with more on sandy and of course we'll keep you posted online and on air. stay with us. >>> welcome to 9news. i'm matt jablow. >>> i'm jc hayward. we have team coverage of hurricane sandy. scott broom with more on the situation. >> reporter: good afternoon. here in annapolis, the rain continues. i just listened to topper's forecast before that break and listened to him talk about the potential for hurricane force winds all over the region, but of course i'm interested in annapolis right now because that's where i am. that's really something that i don't think folks here can think of in recent memory and they have had some whoppers here. when its bell came -- when isabel came through annapolis and you're looking at my from my dashboard camera mobile vehicle, i'm here at the store front of the city dock area where when isabel came, the water was about up to here. so there's
activation to begin coordinating response to the storm. barry sims is standing by in annapolis. >> the emergency operation center for annapolis in anne arundel county started around noon today. the big concern is storm surge. also flooding in low-lying areas. annapolis business is making final preparations. the owner of this store is sharing sandbags with neighbors. >> if one floods, we're all going to flood. it is better for all of us to be safe. >> the city of annapolis gave out 40 tons of sand but limited businesses to 10 bags and residents to 5. >> i heard the city was out of bags. we saved some from the storm last year. we pulled them out today. >> she also purchased another 30 banks. annapolis and anne arundel county opened their emergency management centers at noon on sunday. >> the most important thing today is preparation. we have 85,000 people on well water. they should build the bathtub with water so they are prepared. >> the main concern is low-lying areas that could give a storm surge of up to 3 feet. >> we have not ordered mandatory evacuation. the latest track is
of those mid-atlantic states, maryland. annapolis, specifically. that's where we find our a thth jones. we know that early voting has been suspended. people were excited to be voting on a saturday. not today. what else is taking place? >> that's right, it's been canceled for tomorrow. we're here in annapolis, one of those places particularly prone to flooding because it's so low. it just started raining here a few minutes ago and the wind is picking up, but this is one of many communities up and down the eastern seaboard that is preparing for hurricane sandy. >> annapolis resident kim kimball is hoping the sandbags she's collecting here will protect the museum where she works from rising waters. >> that's the one most vulnerable, because it's closest to the water. when it comes up, it will flood the basement. it's just one of the problems with living in the city in front of water. >> reporter: she's been through this drill several times. her friend jack is a novice. >> this is my first time doing the sandbags, so i'm sort of playing out, how does it go. >> reporter: in washington, authorit
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in downtown annapolis right across from the city dock and the mariot as it flickers in and out. the very latest from the harbor master in annapolis says that at this hour it's not your normal high tide; but no problem at all in terms of flooder and the harbor master says the real watch hour will be tomorrow morning for flooding there at the dock. we'll take a break and be back. wspapers called it "economicallstructive." ke allen's votes to give t bre. that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising. what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of
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. it is accumulating on the roadways. officials say the low lying roads and annapolis city are flooded out. any other area that normally floods -- is probably a safe bet to say they are flooded out too. there is water where we are gathering in the parking lot. it is starting to pull -- puddle and pool. lot of the roadways are very slick. as far as the water is concerned, emergency officials are worried about a one-street but storm surge. it looks like the water is 1-2 foot sotrm on surge. that would mean massive flooding. of course, if the rain keeps coming down at the rate it is coming down, it will not a good thing for annapolis. if you do have a car in annapolis, city residents can go to the parking garages in town. they are all free for residents. emergency officials wanted to get those cars off the roads in case any emergency officials wanted to get through. if there is anything of any kind. take advantage of that and get your car off the road. there is a shelter set up at annapolis. -- annapolis high school. you can take your dog or cat there for any reason if you have a power outage or anythin
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is in annapolis. >> we have a steady rain here in annapolis. he wind gusts have been picking up in the last hour. the big concern here in annapolis and also a in anne arundel county are storm surge s. they are concerned about how that will impact of the low- lying area. the big worry is dealing with flooding. and suv loaded with sand, linda man purchased 30 beds to help protect her annapolis sunglasses store, but she is also sharing with her neighboring businesses. the city of annapolis gave out 40 tons of sand, but it was rationed. storeowners: get 10 bags. residents just 5. >> i came home from vacation early last night. luckily, we had saved some from the storm last year and started out back and pulled it out
, over four inches. about 2.5 inches in annapolis. there has been an incredible of wave action. this is a time lapse from ocean city, maryland. look at the end of that pierre. . that is about 100 feet appear that was wiped out. of pier wiped out. we see 35-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a time line -- 30-50 hour gusts are expected then 45-55 6:00 midnight and by tomorrow 50-70g, we will see the per mile power wins. ds. talk about other aspects of sandy coming up in a little bit. you can still find us online you could also use your mobile phone. we will be applied streaming. as you mentioned, the maryland line is really taking a pounding. has beener ocean city by waves. brianne carter has more. we know the waves have been oming in tyrian >> we are starting to see some damage. we are seeing sheets of from these sections along the boardwalk. down here andng debris scattered the boardwalk. the big concern is flooding and is exactly what we have seen throughout the morning. they put up these steel barriers entrance points to the water out as the possible but it did not
affected by the storm. >> it is raining pretty hard in annapolis. >> welcome back. some of the streams and rivers will be overflowing their banks today. we had seven, eight inches of rain. let's take a look at the radar. the rain will be tapering off. the wind will still be gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. the high tides could come in slightly above average this morning. most likely on the western shore. it will stay in the 40's all day. snow will continue in western maryland. there could be a snowflake around baltimore. it will be a chilly day today. >> sandy affected much of the northeast. >> one of the hardest-hit areas was in new york city. an entire facade of a building fell off. the second and third stories of the building are completely exposed to the elements. >> the wind was so bad a construction crane toppled over. it was left dangling. it was too dangerous to remove the crane. they have to wait until the storm passes. >> jimmy fallon put on his show last night without an audience. it didn't matter to jimmy. his guest even waved to the crowd that was not there. >> 43
is pretty big, about 10%. >> nothing better than annapolis at night. but you want your head to turn faster than the chair you're sitting in, look at this story. >> on a clear day in annapolis, there's something getting people's attention. it's not an exotic boat or large bird. it's this. a gator. >> that's crazy. >> that's unsettling to see here. >> i wanted to dive in and open its mouth and see if it was real. >> well, it's not. it's a creation of this giechlt he took a remote control boat and made a life like plastic head of an alligator. he'ses having fun with it. >> you they were trying to hold him and he got so excited, he jumped off getting up to the alligator and all i could do is swim away from him. obviously that dog was not from florida. >> this couple is from florida and ed had them fooled. >> i think it's scary. . >> how about this couple dpr australia, they should be experts. >> i never would have believed you would see that in annapolis. >> he swam his gator up on a kayaker once. >> every ten feet or so she was looking behind and kept going. she's still not convin
the damage. tell us what you saw. >> we looked at baltimore down to annapolis, crossed to the eastern shore, through cambridge and on into somerset, smith island, ocean city and back. we are still dealing with some flooding in the smith island area. ocean city looked pretty good at annapolis had some small flooding across the road to eastport. online back with our request to go to the dundalk area. the state police called us in the air and asked us to go to open up city. >> what seemed to be the worst of what you saw from up above? >> significant flooding that the mayor was dealing with an chris biele. we had a team there going door- to-door checking on people, evaluating those who needed to be moved. while we were flying, we got a call from somerset county. they had lost contact with smith island and asked us to fly open there. we visited all three communities on smith island and did not see any signs of any distress. >> so what is happening with the maryland guard right now? >> we are still engaged in some parts of the state and where we are not needed, we are coming back to earth station
in annapolis. it is getting worse where you are. >> it really is. since we got here several hours ago, the rain has started to pour even harder. we are seeing freezing conditions for the most part. some of the bigger guys are coming more and more frequently -- bigger gusts are coming more and more frequently. most of the major roadways are pretty possible -- passible. there is some water cooling by the harbor, and the low-lying areas are starting to see cooling as well. as far as the water is concerned, it is staying in the harbor for the most part. again, the winds are not the big story. it is the rain and the flooding on the parking lots and the roads. definitely be careful. if you do need to seek shelter, and definitely do that. officials are trying to get cars off of the road race so that if emergency vehicles have to get through, if there are any problems associated with that, if you are a city resident, you can park your car in any of the parking garage is downtown. f of the redsof to help emergency vehicles. it is expected to get much worse. be aware of that and plan your day accordingly
a little bit but the winds are going strong. have more rain. now out to annapolis where kim dacey is. how are things going there? >> good morning. here we are seeing steady rain that we have been seeing all morning and the wind is picking up. seeing more gusts. there was a little bit of calm between the gusts but we are seeing more gusts and rain goes horizontal. we will see what is going on near the water and it is pooling a little bit. pretty indicative of what we see on roads and parking lots, starting to pool there. be careful as you are driving morning, you may see patches where water is covering the roadway. as far as the water in the actual harbor here, it looks like we've got at least a couple of feet before it would come up and over the ledge here. officials are looking for a surge of about one to three feet and that would probably put it over the edge. that will increase the flooding of course. as far as the road conditions we were driving around and most are passable but you may see a little bit of water on them. there is a shelter set up in annapolis high school. if you need t
to annapolis. >> we have a look at the early hour there. >> we can tell you it is raining hard here in annapolis, maryland and it has been for several hours. some of the businesses have already heeded the warnings. this is buddy's crack house. if you looked inside the window they put all of their outside furniture inside. many warnings were given out in annapolis. the mayor advising people to leave the area. here are some of the problems we are already seeing. not even here yet. the chesapeake has not jumped its banks. you see more businesses across the street. not only putting down the sand bags. trying to prevent any glass from shattering. we have seen a lot of tape on the glass. they had irene hurricane isabel in 2003. anytime there is a big storm coming through this area, you check right here. to give you an idea of what businesses have done, you see that they have taken off the glass. not a mandatory evacuation. they are calling on merchants to move from the area today. you have the bay bridge. many of the anne arundel county officials are advising people to stay off the stree
on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> reporter: a big storm like sandy digs down under the sand. >> a lot of stuff gets blown on the beach. >> reporte
in later on tonight. right now 45 miles an hour in baltimore, 49 miles an hour in annapolis, 53 miles per hour in winchester and 54 in leesburg. so those winds are very strong and gusty already. 54 miles per hour in pax river. we expect the winds to end up somewhere in the 60, maybe even 70-mile an hour range for peak wind gusts heading into the overnight hours. when you have the winds, you have the waves. that's why we have 16-foot waves off the coast of virginia beach, 18-foot waves about parallel to the ocean city coastline and up towards rehoboth and lewis and you can see some other wind gusts here. 53 miles an hour is the peak wind gust being reported at dover air force base. >> the waves down a little bit. i guess that westerly wind is doing its thing now, but still -- >> 67 miles an hour. >> just off the coast of rehoboth about 15 miles or so. temperatures, we're in the 40s to around 50. look at oakland 32. you jump the divide it's a whole other world. 49 in fredericksburg with 46 in manassas and gaithersburg. i'm not going to show you a wind chill map. massive amounts of moisture
. >> we want to go to barry, who joins us live from annapolis. >> there is also the concern here about flooding. there has been minor flooding with a few road closures and a tree that hit a house. we were talking about that just a little while ago. that happened on maple road west. emergency crews went there and there was a family inside, but everyone was able to get out safely. that is what was happening in that location. of course, that was over by the airport. there are some street closures that we need to tell you about. the first is that the prince george's county, anne arundel county line. minor role of closures include road, the herald harper area of crown seville, and the male avenue, those have been closed because of minor flooding. there is a shelter in annapolis at the annapolis high school. we checked on that earlier and were told 20 people went there, people that live in low-lying areas and decided to get to higher ground. the place is friendly to pets and is able to handle at least 1500 people. so, any others who need to get there can. they also have a phone number that y
doppler. really heavy rain has developed along the east bay. look at baltimore and annapolis towards dunkirk, a good half- inch of rain per hour. the flooding has been a huge concern for us so far. look at the rainfall totals from the past 24 hours. annapolis, pushing 6 inches now. just over 4 inches at reagan national. 5.5 at dulles. about 3 inches in gaithersburg. just over 2 inches in fredericksburg. flood watches and warnings remain in effect across pretty much the entire viewing area. the wind is something we will have to deal with mostly this morning. we have seen cuts in the range of 25 or 30 miles an hour. a gust of 26 miles an hour just reported recently at reagan national. the high wind warning has been dropped and replaced by wind advisory until 2:00 today. occasional gusts of 40 m.p.h. can be expected. sustained winds of 15 to 25. your expense forecast, cloudy skies, wind with showers, 44 degrees at 9:00, at noon, much the same with very little change in temperatures. drying up by 5:00, still breezy, 49 degrees. -- your express forecast. we will show you the peak wind gus
is in annapolis. how are things looking this morning? >> it is a lot better today. things have really eased up. we have a steady rain falling. nothing like we were seeing like yesterday. i spoke to the emergency management folks. crews have been out since about midnight, looking for any kind of damage. there will be an update around 6:00 a.m. we saw some localized flooding and some standing water on the roadways. it still continues to rain here. the shelter is still open. 50 people and pets are there. and the call center is still open if you need to call for assistance. they can give you transportation to the shelter. high tide is expected around 5:45 this morning. they are watching the high tide this morning. it will's any flooding, happen between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. this morning. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. tim tooten is in baltimore city. >> i haven't gotten closer to the jones falls. there we go. the water has subsided some. the water was up to about my knees in terms of the level of water. you can hear the rage of the jones falls. this is a measuring stick of sorts. the rain continues her
, bowie, annapolis, down into southern maryland, calvert county getting some very heavy rain and this will continue to spread across the area. so north and west, leesburg, out towards front royal and frederick, you too will see this heavy rain as that whole surge, that whole big storm we've been talking about for days and days continues to push unfortunately right in our direction. it looks like it will past just to our north and east during the overnight hours. here is the latest with sandy. maximum winds have increased since you went to bed last night. now, 58 miles per hour. that is a big change and that pressure continues to fall. 946millibars. this storm is very intense for this late in the season and for its current latitude. this is -- we're in new grounds here as far as the track and as far as intensity. moving right off to the north at 15. that is the other big change. during the day yesterday, it was pushing off to the north and east and now we're starting to see that recurvature. our computer model has suggested this will curve to the north and west and eventually
annapolis and the bay bridge. we do have wind restricts that have been posted. so wind restricts for those out on 50. because of flooding, there is a portion of 50 already shut down between gulf coast road and philadelphia road but as of now. 90 remains open. >>> we continue to track hurricane sandy this morning as wild weather begins to pound the coast. >> lauren demarco is live in ocean city this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. definitely feeling those bands that tucker was talking about so the rains starting to pick up more. as i was waiting for the live shot, it was a lot lighter. now getting heavier. the wind picking up. we have seen a little bit of of that sea foam coming across the seawall and i did see a wave crash over it here near 16th street. police still patrolling the boardwalk. they are will continue to do that until the sustained winds reach 50 miles per hour if they do get that high. we are seeing wind gusts up to 47 miles per hour. earlier, we headed over to the pier and pier still standing. there were some rumors that it had collap
the storm blew through the capital of maryland yesterday afternoon as well. several stores in annapolis taped up their windows. you see the sandbags piled up there but the harbor did not flood. the surge of the water was actually pushed away from annapolis which tucker said would happen. even when high tide hit around 6:00, the docks were still not under water. they prepared. >> it is called a blowout. the winds pushed the water away. now, we're concerned today because the winds have shifted out of the south and we'll have a a couple of high tides today and the moon was full yesterday and with a good southerly breeze today, we could have flooding issues in annapolis, oldtown alexandria. the story changes a little bit but we still have some issues we have to deal with. >> don't take away the sandbags. >> right. if you are down there in downtown annapolis, you want to keep the sand bagged for another 4 hours or so until the winds start to fall off. >> good advice. what is else is going on? >> still raining. we are not done with the rain yet. some pretty good rain totals so far. in fact, m
government offices in annapolis are closed. the same goes for tuesday with the exception of the essential employees. early voting statewide is cancelled for tomorrow. >> the governor said they would have early voting on friday to make up for losing that day. it will be extended on friday. mta has suspended all service. nothing will be operating tomorrow. the high wind is speeding up the annapolis coast line. .> we're going to barry simms are you still at the creek? >> yes, the wind has picked up substantially. earlier we were told the wind gusts were 37 miles an hour. it seems worse now. we are getting pummeled by rain. county officials have told us anne arundel county offices will be closed tomorrow. they are monitoring the storm to make sure they have everything ready to go. we have been told 40 people have gone to the shelter at annapolis high school. they have brought in seven pets. people have been able to bring pets. annapolis a high-school has been set up as a shelter. it can handle at least 1500 people. we know it has been self- evacuation. people in low-lying areas have been told
toward baltimore and annapolis. that takes us to kim dacey live in annapolis. how is it going there? >> in the last hour we have seen the rain increase in volume. it is pretty steady now. the wind has also picked up in the last hour. it seems like the outer bands are starting to come onshore. you can see some boats in the water and we were surprised how many are on the water right now. they are just bobbing and flailing kind of in the wind. hopefully they are battened down enough that they won't go flying when the winds pick up later today. again, in the harbor a lot of boats just bobbing around in the wind. as far as flooding, there is a little localized flooding. not too much at this point. down by the harbor there's an area flooded that is low-lying. otherwise driving along the streets of annapolis small areas of puddles and a little bit of water, what you might see in a normal rainstorm. didn't see any roads that were blocked or anything of that sort. officials are looking for a storm surge of one to three feet here. that could change the situation drastically. we will monitor t
coverage in annapolis. >> john gonzalez has the latest. >> we can tell you and has been raining hard for several hours in annapolis. not only is the arraignment picking up, but the wind. the gusts are more frequent here on main street in annapolis. many merchants said the sandbags down on the weekends. they have put their outdoor patio furniture in doors, making sure everything is safe. there were many warnings over the weekend. the mayor advising not only the business owners but the residents here to evacuate if they can today as soon as possible. it has been raining hard several hours already. the chesapeake river has not jumped its banks yet. by this drain is clogged with fall leaves. that will pose a problem. we're not even dealing with the high tide get in annapolis. this is an area that knows well what happens when there's bad flooding. some businesses over here have not only set down the sandbags, but have also put congress on the windows. the rain is really coming down at this hour. the wind picking outup. -- businesses have put protection over the windows. you can see of th
're going to annapolis. what are conditions like where you are? >> we're here in annapolis. this is -- it is very interesting. it has gotten to be -- it is still range but we don't have the wind that we had earlier. it has calmed down considerably since the last few times that we talked. there is a sigh of relief here from annapolis city officials. one of the issues they were looking at, they were really concerned about it because it already reached 24 feet and when it reaches that level they have to notify the state. if it goes over 25 feet, there is a serious problem. what they are telling us now, the water level is under 24 feet so that is one less thing they have to worry about. they were very concerned about that because if that had happened, not only would they have to notify the city but of course that would have been one ott other big problems that they have -- of the other big problems they have here in the annapolis area. one of the other things they are concerned about is flooding. they believe there will be moderate flooding and they believe it will start betwee
. virginia beach 55 mile per hour wind gusts and annapolis winds today 31 miles per hour already which look for these to increase through the day tomorrow. let's head to bob ryan, he has more on what to expect. >> it really is something that's unprecedented for all of us who have been watching the weather for years. i want to show you a picture. the magnitude of this, there is the center and you can see that circulation in this view. it is still 300 miles east of cape had rass and the rain bans are coming in. that's annapolis where the winds are gusting to 31 miles per hour. but in live doppler right now the area of vain expanding right in over us and that rain, there you can see earlier we lost brad bell's signal because of the tropical nature of these bans even though that storm is expanding so much to our west. we're going to don't see these rain bans and this is the area under threat so much. it is up around new york city. but the wider view and there is our live doppler. let's go back to the live doppler and you can get an idea of the extent
emergency sheller in annapolis, annapolis high school, 61, people in it, four dogs, five cats as well. arrest pet friendly facile. people need to help in getting to the facile. the department of aging and disabilities will provide transportation. that's a summary of where we are now. >> arundel county executive, john leopold where a tree fell through a kitchen and killed a man. the second death in maryland as a result of hurricane super storm sandy. thank you for your time today. >> you bet. >> this morning we are waking up to see what sandy has left behind for so many of us. >> downed trees and power lines, some have it worse than others. sherrie johnson continues our live team coverage live along the jfx. you are underneath the jfx, you are up chose and personal with the flood waters. >> reporter: you are absolutely right about. that i have to watch my stepment its not too far behind me here. you can hear the water. it is moving have swiftly and overflowing the banks here. this is the jones falls. we are underneath the jfx and in the hampton area where the flooding is taking place.
maryland. they're about to get bussed out to an area hotel. we want to show you footage from annapolis. businesses there closed down for the most part. they've got their sandbags out. we're told each business was given 10 sandbags. they've got their windows boarded up and stay -- taped up. storm brothers was open. ironically, that's the company that sells ice cream. they were still open for business and actually had customers. we talked to the owner. he said he's open because customers are there and it's an easy way to keep an eye on his business. >> after 37 years and numerous00, you like to watch your -- numerous hurricanes, you like this watch your business. they figure if you're here, why aren't you open. the first customer was 10:30 and we had them straggling in. >> reporter: this doesn't seem like ice cream weather. >> you have to question their sanity even when the ducks aren't around. >> reporter: the name is appropriate, storm brothers. >> it is. i don't think my grandfather planned that, but it does work. >> reporter: we're back out here live at bwi and the staging area for b
are bundled up and we are braving the elements here. now out to kim dacey in annapolis. >> out here it is cold as well. it is usually when we do hurricane coverage a little warmer but it is colder than the normal hurricane coverage situation. the rain is coming down in a steady downpour and the wind is coming in gusts. sometimes it is pretty calm and sometimes it gusts and the rain becomes who ahorizontal. the water, officials are watching for a one to three-foot storm surge and that what they are monitoring throughout the day. the emergency operations center is open. these boats on the water are bobbing and swaying. a lot of them out there hanging out looking to ride out the storm and hopefully not break and cause damage. a couple of things to mention. if you are in annapolis or in the area city residents can come to the parking garage and park in the city parking garages for ee. the city opened all of them because they want you to get cars off streets in case it is flooded and they need to get mental vehicles by. so if you are a city resident and ill have to show i. tkfpd. it is free. as far
, more of the same in new market. half an inch in annapolis. 3/10th in goldsboro. you saw the rain on the radar, this will continue to pile up and add up as we go through the rest of today. flood warnings with this rain, this is going to continue all the areas here, shaded in the green color. not only do we have the flood warnings, we have coastal flood warnings as well. look at the peak wind gusts from super storm sandy as of yesterday. annapolis, 69, 68 in arbutus and dundalk. we are talking close to hurricane forced winds but those are tropical storm forced winds we will be dealing with through the remainder of today. be prepared for that. we look at the sustained winds right now. they are at 12, baltimore. 17 easton. 16 winchester. we do have gusts this morning and we can see them coming in at 32 hagerstown. 22 baltimore. ocean city around 28. we will have the potential for tropical storm forced winds even today and lots of rain. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> many people waking up without power this morning. harford county, many residents without po
from annapolis...//that multi-million project... may still happen...despite its heftypricetag... pricetag... (ryddll) "governor o'malley first proposed moving the department of housing from thee annapolis area to princc years ago during his than ttoo - re-electionncampaign. theee's project, but tte governor says "governor, are you till tion) committed to relocating the pepartment of housing to prince george's coonty?" (governor) "yes, absolutely, ii p think it will happen."but d the movv of housing ...from its state-owwed headqqarrers in crrwsville...won't happen... for at least...two years. that's because the current peveloper has been unable to obtain 110-miilion dollar project. stilll..thh governor...calls it a good, longterm deal. (governor) "but i think it's an ideal anccor for a transit oriented development and i think that prince george'' is an ideal placc.""why are you charring ffr a move that does not need to happen."critics like employees.he calls impact 350 - it...unnecessary..cost the statt a few illion ollars morr and you're paying high rent for that place."(
for that. things will improve throughout the day. temperatures actually coming in above average annapolis 56 degrees. perry hall at 54 and emmetts burg at -- emmettburg at 51. 6 this morning temperatures around 56 not budging too much and around 9 mostly cloudy skies. lunchtime warming up, 67 so the trend will be for decreasing clouds throughout the day and here's reduced individualibility this morning. we have about 1 mile of reduced visibility now in baltimore. let's check the abc2 time abeer -- saver traffic with lynette. >> reporter: -- lauren. >> reporter: righter in -- right here in baltimore reduce visible. if you are use the jfx into the city, no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to eat fayette street. everything is up to speed through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel. 695 looking live outside at old court road, nothing to get in your way as you travel down towards 95. here's a shot of the beltway in parkville at harford road. everything is moving along. no problems up to towson. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> 4:32. many of us are waking up a
caskill is scheduled to speak in annapolis on tuesday. her attorney says he's exploring legal options to get her reinstated. >>> in virginia, investigators are trying to find out what started a fire last night at the stor-all storage facility on sudley road. more than 80 units there are damaged or destroyed. firefighters from neighboring jurisdictions were called in to help fight the fire. it was a three-alarm fire. nobody was injured. >>> the men accused of planning the september 11th attacks won the first argument in a pretrial hearing today. a judge in guantanamo bay ruled the men do not have to appear in court for the remainder of the proceedings. their lawyers said it was traumatic in their words for those men to be forced from their cells. most of the week-long hearing is to consider security issues before the trial. prosecutors want to keep the men from revealing what happened to them in cia prisons overse. the trial is not expected to start until next year. >>> it felt kind of warm out there today. but it's going to be winter before we know it. the district is making sure it's ready to d
at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, aaron o'connell talked about the history of the u.s. marine corps. it's about 15 minutes. >> host: welcome as part of the tvs university series and would like to visit campuses across the country and talk with professors who are also authors. this week, we are at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. joining us is professor aaron o'connell, who is also the author of this book, "underdogs: the making of the modern marine
into annapolis. dover, this is a tough right going through the eastern shoarmt here's -- shore. here's the center. this is where the center would be. it's slowly rotating over cape may county. this is the cape may county courthouse going right up toward the jersey shore. this will cross into newcastle county. elkton, may have the center over your area. it's going to pivot all the rain off the coastal sections and bringing in gusty winds. current wind at 24. ocean city at 48. we're seeing those gusts coming in at hurricane force. crisfield 86-mile-an-hour gusts. you get idea. even some gusty winds making into the interior state. carroll county close to 40 miles an hour. we are continuing to watch the power outages coming across the area. wind gusts are up there. look at rain totals in the bucket thus farks four to six inches of rain. we'll continue to pile in the water thinking grand total six to eight inches. look at the rehoboth beach camera. we're losing the beach cam slowly. we have a high thighed that will come in later this -- tide that will come in later this evening. another high tide will
in baltimore, 40 in annapolis. look at these wind gusts as we head across the bay, 48 miles per hour in easton now. i did see a peak wind gust earlier at virginia beach around 60 miles per hour. as the storm continues to move its track is expected to take it close to elgin, maryland and up toward lancaster, pennsylvania. it looks like the winds will continue to increase through the overnight hours. topper will talk more about that wind field. >> i wish we had better news, but we don't. it looks like it is going to strengthen and give us more damaging winds tonight through tomorrow morning. this is the hurricane force wind 7:00, a couple hours from now it. looks like pretty much the entire dell marv parks the bay, tidal -- delmarva, the bay, tidal potomac will be experiencing hurricane force warnings. there is a hurricane wind warning up for the tidal potomac and chesapeake bay. we'll take you into 2:00 this afternoon. pardon me? now the twin fields are essentially over the -- the wind fields are essentially over the immediate metro area. they've shifted south. these are hurricane force winds e
back up, so we're concerned with tidal floodings in places -- flooding in places like annapolis and old bay as we deal with high tide. so we're not quite done with some of the issues associated with sandy. current wind gust 26 here in washington, 21 in annapolis, 30 in hagerstown. again, the wind will occasionally gust 40 maybe over 50 here at times today for parts of the day. here are your forecast high temperatures, going to be very cold out there, 47 with wind, 43 in annapolis, 40 out at dulles. so, again, temperatures going to be very chilly here later this afternoon. bring along a jacket as you head out. all right, tony, that's the latest on weather. we'll give you an update in just a minute. back to you at the desk. >> tucker, thank you very much. >>> just getting some information, some good news out to our east, the bay bridge has reopened, the bay bridge is now reopened. no longer under those wind restrictions. >>> all the rain that saturated the ground is making it easy for trees to topple over and the high winds did just that. some homes in our area have major damage from tr
. temperatures will be cooler to the west of us. closer toward the bay, annapolis at 56. southern maryland, 52. look atÑi the warmth developing. 9 68 in annapolis. an indication of what is on the for the day tomorrow. look at the 24-hour temperature change compared to this time yesterday. 18-20 degrees warmer. we will be looking at some of the warmer air tomorrow. that is going to warm the temperatures. they will stick around on monday. the doppler radar is quiet and dry. monday afternoon, a better chance for showers across the mid-a plan to attend a few rumbles of thunder. we are not expecting anything to become severe. it is all part of a cold front tuesday and wednesday. taking a look at the forecast, overnightith the hours, a clear skies. mid-40's. 50's when the district. tomorrow looks great. plenty of sunshine. ph7pupper-60's in the mountains. 70's when the district. i temperatures cooling behind the cold front tuesday and wednesday. by thursday, lower-70's. the wettest day will be monday. that is the day you will want to grab your umbrella. tomorrow, tomorrow. need our sweaters or jac
new market 58. atlantic city pushing 80. dundalk 68. annapolis 69. so we did get those borderline hurricane winds. huge surf, probably 20 plus feet into the beach and the ocean city pier destroyed. you can see it in our hd weather view from the plim plaza resort. a couple of the stilts there, poles. that as all that's left. waves are much call memplet a rehoboth beach -- calmer, rehoboth beach. in kent island watching it carefully. tough boating the next few days. annapolis, the water is relatively quiet. here in the harbor, we're watching for that next high tide. we'll be in the safe zone. we still have to watch havre de grace the next several days. water is whipping down the susquehanna. all the runoff. we've been watching that very carefully. 43 mat bwi -- at bwi. cold air funneling out of the north. what's left of sandy will continue to drift. there she is, large, power house storm around here and one for the record books. no question about that. let's give you that seven-day forecast. breezy sunny conditions will be the story. it will be clearing each day. i will say this. th
. >>> a man walking in annapolis was stabbed four times from behind. it happened around midnight. he was walking toward the dock. the victim ran toward the state circle when he called police. when police arrived the victim still had his wallet, cell phone and cash. >> not even a threat of a robbery, you know, give me your phone. give me your keys. it's unusual for that kind of crime to happen. we're trying to see if there's a connection between the victim and see if we can see a suspect. >> right now annapolis police are looking at surveillance camera rying -- trying to find the suspect. >>> two people were arrested for stealing from unlocked cars. anthony grecco and sam well kalashian were breaking into cars. police also investigated hundreds of dollars of items from five cars in front of the marriott waterfront hotel. >>> penn state will not renew the contract of this man tim curley. he has been on leave. he is charged with perjury and failure to report child sexual abuse allegation. >>> a defact in some ford fiesta models is causing a defect. >>> the federal government is working
shenandoah valerie are in frost and freeze warnings this afternoon. it is 51 in annapolis for a warm spot, la plata 45. other than that, it is relatively quiet and your attempt this afternoon may not get above 50 in the shanendoah valley. monika samtani is in with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: howard is trying to move the equipment but it is not working. if you are planning to head around town, it is working. things are looking great on 270, no problems at all from frederick down to where the lanes divide and across the american legion bridge you are just fine. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like at the american legion bridge. across the potomac river here no issues between bethesda and tyson and annendale and springfield. let's look at our maps, do want to let you know the northbound side of the gw parkway is closed shut down between spout run parkway and route 123 because of road work going on. they are working on the rockwall. northbound side of i-95 at back lake road looking great. no problems up to springfield and on to 35. back with more traffic at 5:10. bac
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